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I was drawn to Nature study at a point. Primarily my objective was to capture the character of a tree or the essence of the space as closely as possible. After working for some time, I noticed a few changes in my approach. The form of a tree, for example, was gaining in certain qualities more than what it is. This is the expression of the soul of the artist. A tree is not merely a form in line and color, it is a character expressed in his unique language. Thus an engagement with self vis-à-vis the nature results in a creative expression which is more than a mere study. Then, it is a 'creation' that encounters the viewers and declares itself Here I am, now have a look!

14cm X 9cm, 1980
26cm X 23cm, 1992
36.5cm X 26cm, 1996
48inch X 40inch
51cm X 38cm, 1981
55cm X 40cm,1993
80cm X 66cm, 1986
87cm X 66cm, 1995
108cm X 52cm, 1986
55cm X 40 cm, 1993
conte, 1982
14cm X 9cm, 1980
Ink, 1980
pastel, 1982
24.5cm X 18cm, 1983
58cm X 40cm, 1986
77cm X 59cm, 1984
pen and ink
36.5cm X 26cm, 1996
tempera 28cm X 24cm,1983
watercolor, 1995
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